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Agricultural Weather Forecast for Oxnard / Goleta
Agricultural Weather Forecast for Santa Maria / San Luis Obispo
Agricultural Weather Forecast for Salinas / Watsonville Areas
Agricultural Weather Forecast for Coachella/Imperial / Yuma Areas
Agricultural Weather Forecast for the San Joaquin Valley
Agricultural Weather Forecast for San Diego, Orange and Western Riverside Counties

Construction Weather Forecast  for San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County Foothills

Spot Weather Forecasts  for San Bernardino County Foothills, Mountains and Western Deserts

Napa Valley Forecast

...NW California Frost Forecast (Including Napa Valley)

Mendocino County Forecasts, Frost and Harvest Forecast for NW California

Seasonal and 30 Day Weather Outlook for California

Agricultural Weather Forecast for Western Mexico and Michoacan (by email)

                                                                       FRUIT FROST FORECASTS

Southern California Fruit Frost Forecast for Selected Areas

                                                                       MtnRT FORECASTS by Fox Weather, LLC

Based on 12km WRF... Operational.  Forecasts are being updated four times daily, day0-day6 for areas in California.

Maps Day0-Day6, S Calif Day0-Day5 inclusive.                           

N California                                    Sfc Temp      Wind Vectors        Precip               RH     Snow     FSI

Mendo/HumboldtCos                     Sfc Temp      Wind Vectors        Precip               RH     Snow     FSI

NORCAL Eastside                        Sfc Temp       Wind Vectors        Precip               RH     Snow     FSI

SonomaCo-Bay Area                    Sfc Temp       Wind Vectors        Precip               RH                    FSI

Russian River Region                    Sfc Temp       Wind Vectors        Precip               RH

Sierra Nev 36N->N                       Sfc Temp       Wind Vectors        Precip               RH     Snow     FSI

Central Coast/Valleys                    Sfc Temp       Wind Vectors        Precip              RH                    FSI

SouthCentral Coast                       Sfc Temp       Wind Vectors         Precip              RH

Southern California                       Sfc Temp       Wind Vectors        Precip               RH     Snow

Arizona                                         Sfc Temp       Wind Vectors        Precip               RH

Western Mexico                           Sfc Temp        Wind Vectors        Precip               RH               

Southern California (6km WRF)          NW_Socal Precip       NW_Socal_Wind Vectors        South Precip               South Wind Vector               

Pacific Northwest: (6km WRF)          Sfc Temp        Wind Vectors        Precip               Sky Cover               

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